CBG Oil Roll On

If you are looking for a high quality CBG product you have come to the right place. Each 10 mL container of Nurse’s Touch contains 30 mg of CBG, and many other cannibanoids including CBDV, a lesser known but intriguing member of the cannibanoid family. Give this CBG roll-on oil, a topical oil for sore muscles and joints with other uses reported by our customers including applications such as applying to the temple and sinuses. Research is being done on the benefits and side effects of CBG however few FDA approved conclusions have been reached. Because Cannabis has been illegal for most of the last 100 years we are still just learning about CBG and the health benefits and side effects of CBG oil
FDA & Legal Disclaimer: The efficacy of Nurse's Touch roll-on, nor it's ingredients, have been reviewed or approved by the FDA or FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please visit the Info & Warnings page for more details on usage of Nurse's Touch roll-ons.